Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?
Becoming a member has two steps:
1) complete a sign-up form with your full names, email address, a South African delivery address and cell phone number, and
2) make a purchase of a minimum of 12 x 750ml bottles of wine (one transaction).

Your sign-up purchase of 12 bottles is subject to the membership discount (excluding wine on promotion). You can complete the online sign-up form and order wine from or you can sign-up and purchase wine at the Tasting Room.

What if I have an old Membership Card?
Your membership card will only be acknowledged as proof of membership until 31 December 2019. From January 2020 it will not be accepted in the Tasting Room, Restaurant or Loyalty Club.

All members must purchase 24+ 750ml bottles of wine in 2019 to retain membership status and benefits in 2020. All members are obliged to purchase a minimum of 24 750ml bottles of wine each year.

How do I make sure I get my benefits?
When you purchase wine at Rhebokskloof, please tell the Tasting Room assistant that you are a member when you place your order, before you pay. The assistant will check your details on a regularly updated list of Loyalty Club members. If you are at the restaurant, please tell your waitron that you are a member, and he or she will check the list of members.

If you are not on the list, but you have an old membership card, your membership will be honoured, but please make sure that the assistant takes your details so that you are added to the list. The membership card will not be valid after December 2019.

When you order electronically, the Loyalty Club Coordinator will have your details and make sure the list is up to date.

Can I be a member living outside South Africa?
Unfortunately the Loyalty Club benefits are only available to South African residents.

How long is the membership?
Membership is for a calendar year, from 1 January – 31 December, and it is retained by purchasing 24+ 750ml bottles of wine per year. Your first purchase of 12 x 750ml bottles on joining the Club count towards the 24 bottles for the year!

What happens if I don’t buy 24 bottles a year?
Your membership will unfortunately be terminated, but you are welcome to join the Club again at any time by signing-up at the Tasting Room or directly with the Loyalty Club!

Do I have to buy all 24 bottles at once?
You are welcome to purchase in quantities that suit you, as long as they add up to 24 or more 750ml bottles of wine per year.

How do I know if I bought enough bottles to maintain membership?
Your Loyalty Club Coordinator will keep track of the number of bottles you’ve bought, and will let you know if you are short on a few cases.

Do grape juice, magnums and pouches count towards the minimum yearly purchase?
Only the 750ml bottles of wine count towards the minimum yearly purchase, therefore only those bottles will be counted, regardless of other items included in orders.


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