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For those of you who are maybe feeling a little intimidated by living in the Cape Winelands, or possibly claiming to be wine lovers, but not really knowing how to talk about wine, this edition is for you.

We are talking about Shiraz. And in this newsletter we will tell you why you say certain things, and why the people that make the Rhebokskloof Shiraz so well-known and beautiful want us to simply talk about wine, and even more so, enjoy it.

Things to Say about Shiraz

It is full-bodied, peppery and spicy (if it comes from a cool climate). But our Shiraz, as André Rousseau (Viticulturist – oh, that means he controls everything that happens in the vineyards before those buxom berries hit the cellar) so aptly explains, is intense. The flavour of the grapes are locked in by the heat sealed in by the bounteous slopes of Rhebokskloof. And the flavours you are looking for here are those of plums, blueberries and any sumptuous dark fruit your imagination can allow you to conjure up.

What’s Striking about Shiraz?
Rolanie Lotz is the winemaker at Rhebokskloof. She has over a decade of experience, and is acclaimed in her field. What’s lovely is that she is charmingly humble about it. She explains that Shiraz is a complex grape with many layers. And this is where the skill of the winemaker comes in. With the drought that the Western Cape has been afflicted by, she is actually excited about what this vintage will bring her. There is artistry in winemaking as you need to be inspired by what you are given. What is striking about Shiraz is its spectrum of flavours. What we love about Rolanie is that she is able to charm those out of the produce the she is given by nature every year.

How to Drink Shiraz
Furthermore, Rolanie adds that Shiraz is dark (it’s all about the complexity and character) and that it’s to be enjoyed however you want to enjoy it. She urges us to think out the box when it comes to wine and not be confined by how you think you should think and speak about it. Wine is there to be enjoyed. And if the Winemaker tells us to do so, then who are we to argue?

Shiraz’ Perfect Food Pairing
And talking about enjoying Shiraz, when Head Chef Caro Mӧnnig is put on the spot to come up with three Shiraz-inspired dishes, she entices with a wild mushroom and Shiraz risotto for starters, something heady and heavy like oxtail, lamb shank or stew as a main (obviously with a touch of Shiraz), and as dessert? Chocolate and Shiraz of course. Caro understands that your produce inspires your menu, and how can you not be inspired by our flagship Black Marble Hill Syrah that recently won Platinum at the Michelangelo Wine Awards and was crowned with Platter’s five stars last week!. And to make your Shiraz experience sublime? Caro adds that food should always be an event: Take the time to enjoy the food and the people you share it with and keep the food and flavours simple so that they can be appreciated. Naturally that should be accompanied by a glass of wine. We suggest that wine be Shiraz.

Because, let’s face it: Once you drink Shiraz, you have arrived.

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