Welcome to the Rhebokskloof Loyalty Club!

The Loyalty Club is the ideal way to enjoy your favourite Rhebokskloof wines, all year round!

As a Loyalty Club member, your dedicated Loyalty Club manager will keep you updated with regular news about the happenings and wines at Rhebokskloof. You will also receive monthly promotions just for Club members, and invitations to exclusive events or products available to only you!

Because we value our Loyalty Club members, you will get a 15% discount on wines that aren’t on promotion, 15% discount on wine enjoyed at the Rhebokskloof restaurant, and 20% discount on Hero Adventure Day Passes at Rhebokskloof MTB trails. Loyalty Club members also get free national delivery on orders of 24 or more bottles of wine!

Joining the Club is easy, and has two steps:

1. Send an email to wineclub@designfirms.co.za with your name and contact details, or *click here* and
2. Purchase 12 bottles of Rhebokskloof wine from the Loyalty Club, with the 15% discount, by emailing wineclub@designfirms.co.za.

Membership is yearly, from January to December, and in order to keep your membership status, members are required to purchase 24 or more bottles of wine per year. If 24 bottles are not purchased, your membership will be terminated. However, because we value your support and know that life is busy, you are always welcome to sign-up with the Loyalty Club again at any time!


Should you have any queries, please send an email to the above-mentioned email address.

We look forward to having you in the Club!