The world of art and the industry of champagne production have been intertwined for centuries; many prominent champagne houses would commission artists to create unique pieces to be used in advertisements.  One of the most notable masterpieces in which the world of art and Champagne met was in 1902.  Perrier-Jouët, one of the world’s oldest champagne houses in Epernay, commissioned Émile Gallé, a leading French art nouveau artist, and master glassmaker, to design the iconic Japanese anemone wreathed in gold for the Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque vintage, turning it into an iconic commercial work of art still found today on their bottles. Furthermore, since 1983, Tattinger has collaborated some of its greatest vintage cuvees with the work of contemporary artists.

Cap Classique is an art, and by infusing the poetic beauty of art and Champagne, we at Rhebokskloof want to evoke feelings of joy and awe. Fhatuwani Mukheli’s story tells like beautiful wine. Deeply rooted in South Africa’s creative culture, this man of many talents pours out a magical moment of expression through this graceful and elusive collaboration from Soweto to Rhebokskloof.

We could not have been more pleased to have this visionary artist do our first commissioned piece for the Rhebokskloof Cap Classique 2016 label. The vibrant pink and blue colours in the art piece bring about happiness and a lust for life, and then when your eyes fall upon the musician, a sense of something deep arises within one’s soul. As if you know you have to sit back, listen and take note of something special. The piece represents our 2016 vintage so exceptionally well; the persistent bubble flutters on one’s tongue, then the layered notes of honey and toasted brioche set in, leaving you with a feeling of awe and wanting more of this exquisite creation.

Set to be the first in a series of future collaborations, only a limited quantity of this first set is available.

Special Limited Collection

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